Local Action

Local action covers everything you do within the community to move us from the present centralist infrastructure of control and domination to cooperation and equality.  

Local Government
    Often activism fails to change local government because we have the wrong idea on our relationship with those elected to these local councils, boards and other positions.  Local government should listen and act on the needs of those who put them in office.  If they fail in this most basic duty, they should be removed.  

    We do not, and should not believe, we need government as a play ground monitor.  This concept is recent to Americans. For most of our history we formed associations, groups, formal and informal, and just took care of the issue either short or long term.  
    Forcing Americans to get a permit of license is wrong because it reinforces the idea we need to ask permission.  We don't.  

Locally, we can install cooperative associations to carry out what needs to be accomplished to move the center of power back to the community and to use as individuals.  

Fixing something which does not work often makes little sense.  If the way it is formulated sends the wrong ideas about the locus of power then consider strongly displacing it with something which is localcentric.  

A local paper, online of on that white thin stuff, helps this move forward.  And don't forget the kids.  They love to be involved and early community activity is life altering. 

Me, for an example. 

I started my first business when I was four.  I ironed clothes for my sister, mostly shirts for her husband and handkerchiefs, and kept an accounting of the pennies, nickles and dimes.  

The lemonade stand started when I was around five.  

The highest correlation for success in later life is how early you learn to handle your own life and activities.  

Kids should be involved and have their own work. 

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